Oklahoma Sooners Fans Hung a Traitor Sign in Norman, Which Lincoln Riley Will Never See

"I'm out of here."
"I'm out of here." / Brian Bahr/GettyImages

Lincoln Riley left Oklahoma for USC over the weekend in a shocking move that could change the entire landscape of college football. While the Pac-12 is thrilled, Sooners fans are lashing out online and on-campus. First, we have the always level-headed message board posters.

This list makes zero sense, of course. Satan is very well-known for concealing his identity. If he wasn't afraid of competition, why would he be waging an eternal war of good versus evil? How do you know how whiney Satan is? You think Satan is decisive now, let's see what kind of playcalling he comes up with from OK State's 24 with less than a minute remaining and the Sooners down four. Not so easy now is it, Satan? And finally, Satan would 100 percent live in California over Oklahoma. He might punish some people by sending them to a fly-over state with a football team led by Bob Stoops, but he certainly wouldn't live there himself. Boom. Roasted.

That message board poster wasn't the only one upset. We also have the heartbroken geniuses who hung up this "traitor" sign at the University of Oklahoma well after Riley had left campus for the last time.

UPDATE: They got the seed sower statue too. What did he do?

Who exactly are they calling a traitor? This is like Kramer putting a bucket on the mail man's head because we're blind to their tyranny. Shouldn't Riley be the one wearing the bucket?

As usual, it's the fans who are left looking the worst. Riley just took a better job. Anyone reacting like this looks like a bitter ex with nothing to look forward to except a meaningless bowl game.