For Ohio State, Pizza Means Defeat

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines, still the best college basketball team in the country and only getting better despite a myriad of challenges, went into Columbus and took down Ohio State on Sunday in a battle of Top-5 teams and potentially a preview of two championship games this spring. As previously stated, Juwan Howard is doing incredible things in Ann Arbor and Warde Manuel should pay him whatever he wants for however long he wants.

As the final seconds ticked away, CBS cut to the Wolverines bench and happened to catch director of operations Chris Hunter speaking on a cell phone. Because it's unusual to see a member of a coaching staff fielding calls during action, it became a brief curiosity.

The backstory is far more boring and less devilish than conspiratorial minds would like, as the team offered clarification. It turns out Hunter was simply engaged in a back-and-forth with a local pizza joint regarding the postgame meal.

Ensuring there's proper quantity and flavor diversity for two dozen hungry dudes on a bus trip to the airport is a very relatable experience. It's something that would happen in a Hangover movie as easily as it would happen on Always Sunny, each with hilarious happenstance along the way. And it's usually a thankless task.

Anyone who has covered a sporting event understands the ubiquitous nature of post-game pizza. Both for the players and the media. Everyone loves pizza. In victory and in defeat.

Nothing proves this more, coincidentally, than Ohio State, which has now been involved in two of the more memorable Big Ten Pizza moments. Each in losing endeavors. First, Urban Meyer's sad golf cart bite and now this. The unthinkable has happened.

Pizza has become synonymous with defeat. Ohio State desperately needs a jubilant pizza moment to change the narrative.