Ohio State Fan Carved Pumpkin to Look Like Shocked Michigan Fan

Kyle Koster

Michigan superfan Chris Baldwin was once a human being. That all changed when Michigan State picked up a muffed punt and stunned the Wolverines as time expired. Now he’s an internet meme used to sell t-shirts for both the Spartans and Ohio State Buckeyes.

The bright side of his unexpected 15 minutes of fame is that it’s provided him the rare opportunity to become a muse for aspiring artists. The down side is that he’s likely not receiving any of the financial gains earned by the final work. Plus, you know, the actual loss was soul-crushing.

Baldwin can’t even enjoy the Halloween season because Buckeyes fans are out there remembering his viral moment through pumpkin carving.

And if you think there aren’t going to be scores of Sad Michigan Fans walking the streets on the actual holiday than you just don’t know Halloween. Remember how many Steve Bartmans there were back in 2003? Recency bias in costume selection is a very real phenomenon.