Ohio State Football Players Amir Riep and Jahsen Wint Charged with Rape, Kidnapping

Ohio State football helmets
Ohio State football helmets / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Ohio State football players Amir Riep and Jahsen Wint have been charged with rape and kidnapping. The two Buckeye defensive backs were immediately suspended after warrants were issued for their arrests on Tuesday.

Eleven Warriors has details of the alleged crimes and they are disturbing. One section of the probable cause affidavit reads as follows:

"The victim began to have consensual sex with Riep before she stopped and moved away from him, telling him that she “did not want to continue,” per the summary statement of facts in a Franklin County Municipal Court affidavit in support of probable cause. Wint then entered the room, and Riep asked if he could join before forcing her to have non-consensual sex, per the affidavit. Riep then held her in place while Wint forced oral sex on the victim, according to the summary statement of facts."

The two men are alleged to have held the victim down and forced her to perform sex acts on them. The incident allegedly took place on the night of February 4. The charges of rape and kidnapping are first-degree felonies.

Oh and if you're not sick to your stomach already, there's this:

"According to the affidavit, Riep filmed the victim and told her to give her name and say the incident was consensual before driving her back to her residence."

Ohio State suspended both players but if the facts of this case bear out there's going to be a crazy storm around the program quickly. This is really ugly, awful stuff and if the allegations are true, it's worth questioning how these two guys wound up on the roster.