Please Tell Us a Police Officer Did Not Almost Shoot a Baseball


On Sunday, the Baltimore Orioles beat the Miami Marlins 5-4 in a tight game at Camden Yards. The game featured a home run by Anthony Santander that happened to be the 100th of his career. The ball was crushed, as it flew 428 feet to dead center and bounced very close to a police officer. That officer was startled, and it sure looked like he was reaching for his gun to take a shot at a baseball.

Here's the home run:

You can see the ball bounce up and hit the cop, what's cut from that video is how he reacted.

Here's a closer look:

His hand definitely went to his hip, but I'm not going to accuse him of grabbing for his piece.

The look of sheer terror on his face when the ball bounced up to him is something to behold:

Dude, just grab the ball! It's not fissile material, it's cushioned cork surrounded by several layers of rubber, wool yarn and leather. It won't hurt you.

But here he is when his hands go down to his side:

While at full speed it looks like he's going for his gun, I'm fairly certain it's just the angle. It appears his arm is away from his body and not reaching for his gun. Still, it's an incredibly awkward reaction to a baseball coming near him.

Odd happenings at a regular ol' MLB game.