Of the 51 Participants From Wrestlemania 7, a Staggering 14 Have Died Prematurely

(FILE) WWE Superstar Chris Benoit And Family Found Dead
(FILE) WWE Superstar Chris Benoit And Family Found Dead / Peter Kramer/Getty Images

It’s looking like perhaps Wrestlemania VII was cursed. It took place in 1991 (at a time I was just losing interest in the “sport”). It featured the reunion of Macho Man & Miss Elizabeth and the debut of the Undertaker (he beat Superfly Snuka). In all, 51 wrestlers took part. Fourteen of them are already dead. A list to make you queasy after the jump.

“The Texas Tornado” Kerry Von Erich – died at 33 from suicide one day after he was “indicted on a drug charge for prescription forgery”
Dino Bravo – died at 44, shot to death in a hotel room
Andre the Giant – age 46, congestive heart failure
Joey Marella – died at 31; fell asleep at the wheel
“The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith – dead at 39, steroid cocktails, HGH
Mr. Perfect – died at 44; cocaine, painkillers, steroids
Miss Elizabeth – died at 42 from a drug and alcohol overdose
Hawk – died at age 46, apparently of a heart attack
Hercules – died at 47, allegedly from heart disease
Big Boss Man – died at 41, heart attack
Earthquake – died at 42, allegedly of bladder cancer
Sensational Sherri – died at 49; accidental overdose of drugs, including high amounts of oxycodone
Crush – died at 44; drugs are believed to have played a part, but that’s unconfirmed (lots of details here, though)

Randy Savage

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