Odell Beckham is Willing to Be a Team Cancer Again According to Latest From Adam Schefter

Odell Beckham smiling.
Odell Beckham smiling. / Emilee Chinn/GettyImages

If ever there was a time for Odell Beckham Jr. to try and repair his image as a malignant tumor infecting any team that comes in contact with him, now would be that moment.

Instead, it appears the transient wide receiver is doubling down on his promise to be a problem if he's not in the perfect situation that makes him happy.

What a world.

Adam Schefter reported today that Beckham, following his nasty divorce from the Browns instigated when Beckham's father threw Browns QB Baker Mayfield under the bus on social media, wants to play for a "playoff contender" and in a "winning environment" for the rest of the season.

That's all understandable...and then you read the next part of Schefter's report.

"If a team that does not fit this criteria claims Beckham and the $7.25 million remaining on his contract, there could be potential issues for that team, according to a source, although it is unclear exactly what those issues would be."

So, essentially, if Beckham is picked up on the waiver wire on Monday by a bad team, he's going to throw another hissy fit and make problems for that team. Seems like he's really matured amidst all the issues surrounding him.

Now listen, I get it, every player would want to play for a good team down the stretch rather than a crappy one. The environment is more positive, the possible rewards more tangible. Plus, if you're playing for a contender odds are you have a good quarterback.

But Beckham, after burning bridges on his way out of New York, including with former quarterback Eli Manning, and burning every bridge Cleveland ever built on his out of there too, doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore.

At this point, Beckham should be labeled a bad teammate to quarterbacks who don't do exactly what he wants all the time. And I don't care how many tweets Jarvis Landy sends saying Beckham is a good teammate or how many times LeBron James supports him on Twitter now. The fact is Beckham has now burned two quarterbacks and forced his way out of two organizations. At some point, the finger has to point back at you, and this is me pointing the finger at Beckham.

It's fine that Beckham wants to play for a contender. It's fine that he wants to play with a good quarterback. But leaking information that you'll be a bad teammate if the wrong team tries to claim you on waivers is just further proof Beckham is all about himself, and in football, the ultimate team sport, being selfish is the fastest way to being unemployed.