Odell Beckham Should have Been Ejected after Hitting Josh Norman Helmet-to-Helmet After Play

By Jason Lisk

Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman have been going at it all day. Beckham was frustrated early when he dropped a clear touchdown after getting behind Norman. There have been numerous incidents since. On this running play, Beckham went after Norman, who olé-d him, and then while Norman was getting in on the tackle, Beckham came in leading with his helmet into Norman’s helmet.

He should have been ejected. I imagine he will be facing a hefty fine, considering we see fines for far less intentional helmet hits by defenders reacting in an instant. This was a player going after someone while not controlling their emotions, and delivering a headshot. Both players got penalized for this.

[UPDATE: On Monday, it was announced that Beckham has been suspended for his actions in this game, including this hit. No punishment has been announced for Norman for any actions earlier in the game.]