Odell Beckham, Jr. is on More Fantasy Championship Game Rosters Than Anyone

By Jason Lisk

The fantasy football championship games are mostly here this week. (You hipsters who play a week 17 game can gloat in the comments). Which players are the most commonly owned among the teams that have reached the playoff finals?

According to CBS Fantasy Sports, Odell Beckham, Jr. leads the way, appearing in 41% of all league final matchups this week. This is a testament to several things, because Odell Beckham didn’t even make an appearance in a NFL game until week 5. Teams that stayed active and were working the waiver wire or monitoring his situation have an advantage. Also, Beckham’s hot streak likely was a decisive factor for teams down the stretch (and his 3 touchdown game last week likely swung many a semifinal matchup).



Here’s the top 10 players/units (plus ties) by the percentage of fantasy football finals they could be appearing in (divide in half for the percentage of finals rosters they appear on).

  1. Odell Beckham, Jr. (41%)
  2. LeVeon Bell (38%)
  3. DeMarco Murray (33%)
  4. Baltimore Ravens Def/ST (32%)
  5. Andrew Luck (30%)
  6. Rob Gronkowski (28%)
  7. Dez Bryant (28%)
  8. Antonio Brown (28%)
  9. Demaryius Thomas (25%)
  10. New England Patriots Def/ST (25%)
  11. Marshawn Lynch (25%)
  12. Greg Olsen (25%)
  13. Jeremy Hill (25%)

In addition to ODB, Bell has been the best fantasy back for the last month, Murray has been at the top all year, and Andrew Luck and Rob Gronkowski are not surprises as the #1 scorers at their positions. Oh, and the Ravens Defense got to play Jacksonville last week.

DeMarco Murray’s injury is going to lead to much anxiety, as a third of all the matchups in the finals could swing on whether he plays, and how he plays if he does.