Odell Beckham Jr. and a Few Celebrities Went to a Closed Club on Wednesday Night

By Stephen Douglas

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – Odell Beckham Jr. Victor Cruz, Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin walk into a bar. Or at least they tried to, but the bar is closed on Mondays so they had the owner open the bar and act as the entire staff. Also, Bella Thorne and Scott Disick were there.

OBJ and crew did just that at 1Oak in New York City on Monday night. (1Oak was the club where Matt Harvey was hanging out until 4am the day he didn’t show up to work earlier this year. Chris Copeland was stabbed outside 1Oak in 2015.)

It was the ultimate pointless celebrity evening. According to Page Six, the owner of 1Oak opened the club specially for these celebrities, filled ice buckets, mopped floors, used his iPhone to DJ and made drinks.

It’s easy to understand why the owner did all this – money. It’s slightly more confusing for normal people to understand why these people didn’t just stay in. Maybe gather at one of their NYC homes. Or one of the various fancy hotel rooms that the out-of-towners might be occupying. Presumably OBJ wanted to go out, but didn’t want to risk getting served by Russell Westbrook again.

Whatever made them hang out there, this could make for another fun talking point should Odell Beckham do anything less than play and be awesome this Monday against the Lions. Though it is important to note that playing a football game is tougher on an athlete’s body than going to a club. People forget that!