Odell Beckham is Going to Get Hammered for His Boat Trip After the Giants' 38-13 Loss to Packers

By Jason McIntyre

The Giants dominated the Packers for the first 1.5 quarters of their Wild Card game, but only led 6-0 because they had to settle for field goals instead of touchdowns. It didn’t help that New York dropped three passes early, including Odell Beckham dropping a touchdown pass.

Then Rodgers threw two TDs late in the 1st half – including a Hail Mary – and took over the game. The Giants briefly clawed back into it thanks to a Mike McCarthy blunder followed by an Eli Manning touchdown pass, but at this point, the Giants defense was gassed.

I attribute this to two things: 1) The injury to New York corner Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and 2) Poor play-calling by the Giants in the 2nd quarter, and quick possessions (up 6-0 they went 3-and-out twice and had the ball for a total of 1:53). That’s when the Packers scored twice.

After Manning’s TD pass to cut it to 14-13, the Packers scored on their next four possessions. The Giants defense couldn’t do anything, and it got no help from the New York offense.

But back to Odell Beckham. Let’s recap his week – he drags the other receivers down to Miami to celebrate a Wild Card appearance. He couldn’t wait a week or a month, he just had to hang with Bieber and Manziel and Mr. Steal Your Girl. From there, Beckham’s week went downhill – he showed up with a wrestling mask, as if he were ready to go full heel; he gets in the middle of the locker room and practices his touchdown celebrations. Hey, it was the guy’s 1st playoff game, he wanted it to be all about him!

And then he dropped two or three passes, depending on who’s counting. In two games against the Packers this season, Beckham was targeted 23 times and had a whopping 84 yards receiving.

Enjoy your offseason hanging out with Drake and the Kardashians and partying it up. Beckham is the best receiver in the NFL, and immensely talented, but from the shoulders up, he’s got a lot to learn.