Oakland Closer Liam Hendriks Calls Warriors A-Holes Because They Didn't Give The A's Free Tickets


The Golden State Warriors are moving from Oakland to a fancy new stadium in San Francisco this season, but since they named their team using a general state nickname instead of a specific city, no one seems to care much. In fact, some people in Oakland are happy to see the Warriors go. Specifically, the Oakland Athletics. Closer Liam Hendriks spoke for the team in a recent interview for The Athletic and explained why.

Via The Athletic:

"“I don’t follow the Warriors,” Hendriks said of the A’s wildly popular ex-neighbors. “They treated us like shit over here so we don’t care for them much.”"

And how did the Warriors act in such a way towards the A’s, you might ask?

"“When the Warriors sucked and the A’s were good, the A’s would give them tickets,” he said. “When the Warriors became good they decided to cut all ties and become assholes. So, no love lost for them leaving.”"

In the Warriors’ defense, their 41 home games at Oracle were at 100% capacity last season, according to ESPN. Meanwhile, back in 2012, the last time the Warriors missed the playoffs, the A’s only sold 60% of their tickets for their 81 home games. And Hendriks didn’t even join the A’s until 2016, right before the Warriors won their second title in three years. The cheapest seat available for a Warriors – Hornets game in November is $109. I can get two seats behind home plate at tonight’s A’s game for less. You can’t really compare one of the hottest tickets in sports to one of the most plentiful and easy to attain. So what’s really going on here?

"Hendriks recalled with a laugh: “I got told I’m not as important as a player for the A’s as a fan for the Warriors is by a Warriors security guard. He wouldn’t let us out of the F Lot. We’re trying to get out and he wouldn’t let us out.”"

There it is. He got stuck in traffic one time. It all makes sense now. Good riddance.