TikTok Clown Who Dumped Cereal and Milk on Subway is One of Our Worst Guys


Somewhere along the road we lost our way with practical jokes, which have now devolved into doing something intentionally destructive or aggravating and filming the perfectly reasonable reactions to violations of the social contract. Punting Puppies Prank! Guy Pranks Professor By Beating Him About the Head and Chest With a Lead Pipe. It takes an especially bad effort to stand out in the crowded field but yesterday an aspiring TikTok influencer threw his name into the pantheon of Internet Main Characters.

Totting an enormous cooler of Fruity Pebbles and milk onto a crowded uptown 4 train, he waited until the moment was not right and intentionally dumped the contents onto the floor.

Every other passenger on this train should earn a medal for their restraint in not getting physical with this clown. He scores extra idiot points for not having his mask over his mouth. Just an all-around masterclass in disrespecting fellow human beings.

Keep in mind that extraordinary measures are being employed to keep New York City's subway trains clean and sanitary, including stopping service so they could be scrubbed inch by inch. Also keep in mind that this guy just made a huge mess and got off at the next stop, only trying to clean it up sarcastically.

This is hard evidence disproving the all publicity is good publicity. Garnering almost universal and vitriolic hatred in your direction surely causes more harm than good.

On the other hand, it is groundbreaking work. And things could have turned out far worse had someone reacted without thinking to having a moron add more stress to an already stressful situation.