Teens Asked New York City's Mayoral Candidates to Do the Macarena and Yes, There's Footage


An online mayoral forum hosted by teens may sound like something Dante left in his Inferno drafts folder because it was too extreme for any of the seven circles, but it is something very real that took place last night between the crowded field aspiring to run New York City. At one point it appears the collective future of this great metropolis asked the candidates to do the Macarena dance — a bizarre and oddly troubling request considering the song came out in 1993 and peaked in U.S. popularity during the summer of 1996. Even the oldest living teen was still several years from conception at that point.

Because every vote counts among a group that is not old enough to legally vote, all candidates played along and did some form of bopping. Despite this, not a single soul came close to a passable approximation of the dance.

Look, everyone is sick and tired of political commissions launching into lengthy and ultimately unsatisfying investigations, but this actually seems like something we need to get to the bottom of, from every angle. No one is expecting the answers to make any sense, yet it would provide some closure.

It's tough to pick winners here, but it has to be Scott Stringer. He's the person least expected to get down and he goes for it in a way few expected. It wasn't the Macarena, of course, but it was something.

As a fringe member of the Yang Gang, I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed here. Seems as though this would be right in his wheelhouse and yet he failed to capitalize on the moment by knowing the moves which, I can't stress enough, anyone who was over 6-years-old in 1996 knows and will never forget.