Nun Tackles Environmental Activist Into Dirt Pit

Good form, Sister
Good form, Sister /

For those who grew up in a religious household there are few things more enjoyable than watching members of the clergy act out of character. So this video of a French nun tackling an environmental protestor will be quite a treat for many of you readers.

This is apparently the result of tensions in Ardèche, where environmentalists are concerned about the damage the building of a new religious structure will do to the surrounding ecosystem.

Anyway, onto the scouting report. he went high, for sure, but solid form considering the good Sister has (probably) never put on the pads and had to tackle a receiver. Big points for driving him to the ground, even if that would've been a flag for unnecessary roughness in a real game. Honestly she kind of looked like a punter taking down a returner who would score a TD otherwise.

This tape should be shown in all convents going forward. Electric stuff.