Notre Dame Shamrock Series Uniforms Are Hideous

Ryan Phillips

Notre Dame’s regular football uniforms are among the best in sports. The classic home dark blues offset by the sparkling gold helmets is one of the best combinations out there. But over the past few years, Notre Dame has gotten on board with the trend of using multiple alternate uniforms and most of them have been terrible. On Thursday they revealed their alternates for this year’s Shamrock Series and man are they hideous.

Olive green and an odd, yellow-ish helmet? Who at Under Armour put these together and thought they looked good? When The Irish take on Army at the Alamodome in San Antonio on November 12, they’ll don these monstrosities and sicken a national television audience.

I get that there is a bit of a nod to the military with the shade of green and beige on the shoulders, but the helmet doesn’t fit with this uniform at all. The “God Country Notre Dame” graphic on the helmet is also cool, but the coloring is terrible and throws the entire thing off.

I’m not a fan at all, tell us what you think in the comments section.