Nostalgic San Francisco Giants Re-Created the 'Full House' Intro in All Its Cheesy Glory

Kyle Koster

" #FullClubhouse Starring @bcraw35 @mm_duffy @JeremyAffeldt @hunterpence Javier Lopez @JoePanik and Bruce Bochy — San Francisco Giants (@SFGiants) August 14, 2015   "

The San Francisco Giants will celebrate the important legacy of Full House with a Full Clubhouse Night at AT&T Park on September 30.

Why? Because the show is getting a reboot and nostalgia sells.

Whether they wanted to participate or were coerced, several Giants players — Brandon Crawford, Matt Duffy, Jeremy Affeldt, Hunter Pence, Javier Lopez, Joe Panik and manager Bruce Bochy — appeared in a parody title sequence to raise awareness of this novelty night.

It will make you wonder yet again what happened to predictability, the milkman, the paperboy and evening television.

Also, it confirms Dave Coulier still has that undefinable quality that made him such a big star.