Viral North Pole Moon Video Is Extremely Fake


Late Monday night a Twitter account posted a video that purported to show what the moon looks like from the North Pole. The Internet was mesmerized and people were in awe of what nature could do. There was just one problem: the video was extremely fake.

The account, @BeachDog15, claimed the video showed the moon at the North Pole, where the day lasts 24 hours and the moon appears for only 30 seconds, fully blocking out the sun for five seconds before disappearing. Precisely none of that is true. Admittedly, the video was really cool though.

Check it out:

The moon in this video looks like the damn Death Star coming out of hyperspace. It is absolutely CGI as this is not a real phenomenon. At the time of writing this, the tweet has more than 112k likes, and 20k retweets. And tons of people in the comments believe it's real.