Networks Should Hire a Full-Time 'No One Believed in Us' Fact-Checker


Georgia did unholy things to TCU on the largest stage in college football last night to capture a second consecutive crown. This wasn't much a surprise because the Bulldogs are either the best or second-best program in the entire sport and returned a 25-year-old quarterback in addition to terrifying players at virtually every other position. They were ranked No. 3 entering the season before quickly ascending to the top spot and staying there while winning 15 games in a row.

Not a single soul on this Earth, even as a joke, suggested Georgia would fall from grace and lose five football games. And yet there was injured linebacker Nolan Smith making such a claim in the haze of victory last night after being teed-up with the ol' "this team had doubters" prompt.

Let's make one thing perfectly clear. We're in a hate the game, not the player situation here. Of course coaches and athletes and fans alike magnify any scrap of negativity and harness it for motivation. That's never going to change and there's no reason to vilify the people making outrageous claims not consistent with reality because it's been drilled into their heads every single day.

But, like ... c'mon. Can we at least get someone on set to play the role of Daniel Dale to fact-check some of this stuff? Just so we can stay moored to reality?

Also, here's a question. Isn't it more impressive that Georgia did this with all the lofty expectations? With everyone sorta rooting against them. Or at the very least knowing that anything less than another championship would be seen as a failure.

Anyway. If you beat someone 65-7 in a championship game you forever lose the ability to play the no one believed in us card. That's a new rule and it's unflinching. No doubt.