Nobody is More Thin-Skinned and Constantly Offended than Kevin Durant

Bobby Burack

Steph Curry was hurt again on Friday, so it’s time to ask if his injuries are becoming a concern. That is an offensive question to his teammate Kevin Durant. Durant once again, for some unknown reason, is so hostile when the media is doing anything but praising him:

"“S— ain’t perfect when you’re living life,” Durant said. “There’s going to be ebbs and flows. I know since this whole Warriors [dynasty] started, it’s been pretty nice. There’s nothing to worry about. We’re all living life good. We’re playing in the NBA. We got a couple ankle tweaks, we got a few rib injuries, a couple of guys got kicked in the groin, a little fractured thumb. Nobody is dealing with anything life-threatening… We’re going to hold this s— down.”"

Did anyone say this injury was “life threating?” Of course not. Did anyone say any of the Warriors laundry list of injuries are causing these multi-millionaires to not be “living life good?” No.

Couldn’t he just have made the statement they are all together and will be okay? But no, this has been a pattern of undesirable behavior from the reigning Finals MVP toward the media.

Durant again demonstrated how it is so beneath him to take the media seriously or acknowledge the people that “do not know sh–t” are asking a legitimate question.

This is just a week after he blew up on San Antiono radio host, Jason Minnix. It bothered Durant so much that the host said he was not a fan of Zaza Pachulia, he felt the need to respond on Instagram not once but twice vulgarly and sarcastically.

“Not a fan of ZaZa but….nobody gives a s–t if you’re a fan or not lol,” Durant responded, then followed up questioning why someone would want to be a fan:

"“these folk think being a fan is a real job with benefits lmao”"

Is anyone a fan of the dirtiest player in the game?

Or more importantly, since when are members of the media prohibited from being fans?

"“these folk think being a fan is a real job with benefits lmao”"

Was that necessary? Why would one of the greatest players in the world be so worried, all the time, what the media is saying or feeling?

The NBA players of today have continued to one-up each other in terms of pettiness for several years, but there is nobody taking the crown away from Kevin Durant anytime soon.

He takes offense to the smallest of things. It is still unclear why these things bother him, as the media has been more than fair to one of the best basketball players on the planet.

He can’t be asked about his team’s injuries when every single significant part his hurt without saying they are not dying?

While most took issue with the way Stephen A. Smith responded to Durant’s claim he is a “liar,” it was actually Durant who looked incredibly small in the end. Durant insisted Smith made up rumors he was considering leaving Oklahoma City (Smith predicted Los Angeles) and that none of his people talk to Smith. Well, he left OKC and his mom made several appearances on his show First Take before and after the claims were made.

LeBron James’ future gets speculated daily and he has never lashed out to this extent.

It also appears it isn’t just non-athletes that Durant has issues with, he appeared to not find Peyton Manning’s joke at the ESPYs suitable for his standers either:

Durant very well could become the best player in the NBA by this time next season (some already think he’s the best), but on a personal level, he is already the most thin-skinned athlete going.

He has made it more than clear over the past several years that the media has no right to question anything he does, they have no right to be fans, and they know nothing about basketball. These are the rules that have been written by Kevin Durant.

If he knew who I was, this would be offensive to him.