No One Actually Reported That Teddy Bridgewater Would Get $30 Million a Year

Teddy Bridgewater could buy many gloves with $30 million.
Teddy Bridgewater could buy many gloves with $30 million. / Will Vragovic/Getty Images

Jeremy Fowler went on SportsCenter on Monday afternoon and talked about Teddy Bridgewater. Fowler sounded optimistic for Bridgewater's impending free agency, saying the former Pro Bowler's market will be strong, even if teams are just looking for a bridge starter for a year or two of transition. Here is the actual discussion.

Fowler says that starters won't make around $10 million so "you've got to pay him 20-something million." Later in the afternoon, the account @uSTADIUM tweeted about Bridgewater's "strong market," threw in a random $30-million figure and attached Fowler's handle at the end, making it look like he said it, which he did not.

With more than 30,000 followers, Twitter quickly caught on to that number and Rotoworld used it as a source. Fowler tweeted this 18 minutes later.

No mention of $30 million and I can't find him mentioning it on Monday's NFL Live. Still, it got to the point where Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio wrote an article about how much Bridgewater might actually get in free agency. His article included this:

"Via multiple accounts on Twitter and elsewhere, Jeremy Fowler said on ESPN Monday that Bridgewater will have a strong market, and that he could make $30 million per year under his next contract."

Objection? Hearsay.

On Tuesday morning, Florio did a follow-up suggesting that agents of other quarterbacks were floating the $30 million number, but again, there are no reports suggesting any agents floated this to anyone. In the actual clip above, Fowler sounds like he's right there with Florio on Bridgewater maybe getting somewhere around the $22 million Nick Foles got per year. Yet we now have two articles on Pro Football Talk debunking what appears to be a pretty obviously debunked number. Now it's only a matter of time before people are debating whether or not Bridgewater is worth $30 million a year somewhere on ESPN.