Historically Speaking, Nick Wright Had One of the Worst Nikola Jokic Takes We've Had in Years

Nikola Jokic dunking.
Nikola Jokic dunking. / Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Nick Wright thinks Chris Paul should be the MVP. It's an argument some brilliant minds have made, but until today, none have done so at the expense of Nikola Jokic, the guy who is probably actually going to win the MVP. For Wright, Jokic winning the MVP would be a travesty and Jokic would be the worst MVP in 35 years. Here's the clip from First Things First.

Now, 35 has to be a number he pulled out of the clouds because Larry Bird won the MVP putting up 25.8 points, 9.8 rebounds and 6.8 assists a game. All numbers lower than Jokic's numbers this year.

Wright's concern is that it would look bad to give the award in a hallway somewhere because Jokic and the Nuggets would be eliminated in the first round. This also makes no snese.

You only have to go back to 2017 to see MVP Russell Westbrook and the Thunder were eliminated in the first round. Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks finished with the best record in the NBA and then lost to the 8th-seeded Golden State Warriors in the first round in 2007.

Besides, making it to the second round doesn't really mean anything for MVPs anyway. David Robinson was awarded his MVP trophy on May 24, 1995 in front of the Spurs' home crowd. Hakeem Olajuwon then went out and gave him 41 and 16 and knocked them out of the playoffs.

Steve Nash, Karl Malone and Derrick Rose also have MVP awards that most people believe other players deserved.

MVP is a regular season award. Jokic is having the best statistical season. Heck, he's having one of the best seasons ever for a center. There is nothing bad about Jokic or the MVP award he's probably going to win.