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Nikola Jokic's Brothers Looked Ready to Fight the Phoenix Suns During Jokic's Game 4 Ejection

Stephen Douglas
The Nuggets and Suns talk it out.
The Nuggets and Suns talk it out. / Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Nikola Jokic was ejected from Game 4 of the Nuggets' second round sweep at the hands of the Phoenix Suns. Jokic took a big swing at Cam Payne with 3:54 remaining in the third quarter and got called for a flagrant-2. There was a brief skirmish with Devin Booker getting right in Jokic's face.

What we didn't see at the time was Jokic's two older brothers sitting a few rows back looking like they were ready to fight all of Phoenix.

The Suns in 4 guy probably wouldn't be the Internet legend he is today if Nemanja Jokic and Strahinja Jokic were the two Nuggets fans he had seen in the stands. The brothers were profiled on the NBA Europe YouTube page back in 2017 before Jokic was an All-Star. If they look big in these videos, that's because they are.

That same year Jokic added this when telling the The Denver Post he did not fear anyone in the NBA.

“Why be afraid? I am playing a game of basketball,” said Jokic, pausing a second to set up his punch line. “I am scared of only one person in my life. That’s my brother. Have you seen him?”

Also in a 2017 Sports Illustrated article, Lee Jenkins relayed this tidbit.

He remembered Nikola mainly as the little kid Strahinja used to terrorize, tossing him from one bed to another in the family’s small apartment, often during heated games on a plastic mini hoop. “He once held down my arms and threw knives all around my head,” Nikola adds, punishment for refusing to climb a tree during a picnic. “That was a little crazy.”

The Jokic brothers are apparently fixtures at Nuggets games. On at least one occassion Strahinja was caught on camera screaming at Tony Brothers after he ejected his brother. In 2019 Strahinja Jokic was arrested in Denver and charged with assault. There doesn't appear to be anything concrete online about anything ever happening with the charges.

Meanwhile, his other brother, Nemaja Jokic, played college basketball at Detroit Mercy and has done some Muay Thai and mixed martial arts. During one of his fights in 2019 he was listed as 34 years old, 6-foot-6 and 205 pounds.

So yeah, the Jokic brothers.