Man Asks Nikki Haley to Marry Him, Says He's Voting For Trump


Nikki Haley is making her last pitch to voters in New Hampshire as the state's GOP presidential primary takes place on Tuesday. During a rally, a male attendee asked Haley if she'd marry him. In reply she asked if he was going to vote for her. His answer was not encouraging for her campaign.

Haley said, "Are you gonna vote for me?" and the man said he was actually going to vote for Donald Trump. Ouch.

Here's video:

That's quite a gut-punch response. Even a guy who seems to be in love with Haley doesn't think she has a chance to win. Polls agree, making her a significant underdog in New Hampshire after she finished in third during the Iowa Caucus. Many think a weak showing in Tuesday's primary would all but end Haley's campaign, leaving Trump standing alone for the GOP nomination.

Just a side note here, Haley has been married to Michael Haley since 1996.

We'll see what happens, but at least one resident of "The Granite State" is voting for the former president over Haley.