Nike Put Together Another Amazing Brazilian Soccer Commercial


Even if you’re the most ardent soccer-hater this side of Hank Rutherford Hill, you have to begrudgingly agree that when Nike uses all its creative powers and films a flashy advertisement it makes the sport look pretty cool.

Phil Knight’s crew was at it again and over the weekend released a new, mind-bending, Brazilian-themed spot for the upcoming World Cup featuring Neymar, David Luiz, Paulinho, Thiago Silva, Bernard and Phil Scolari’s mustache. It’s one of those ads that if it runs 50 times in a month you don’t really get all that tired by it. Look, it’s better than those dreadful AT&T ads with the smarmy guy making fun of the preschoolers which ran roughly 7,000 times during the NCAA tournament in March. So there’s that at least.

Is this spot better than the classic ad for the 1998 World Cup featuring Ronaldo, Rivaldo et al playing soccer in the airport?

Or does it top the Eric Cantona narrated 2006 Ronaldinho Joga Bonito ad?

Prepare to find out. If the last couple international tournaments on ESPN are any indication we’ll see this new Brazil ad early and often come June.

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