Nick Wright: The Pittsburgh Steelers Will Have a Losing Season


The Pittsburgh Steelers forgot to show up for the season opener against New England and were summarily whipped, 33-3. There was little reason for optimism as the Antonio Brown-less offense looked ineffective and the defense was carved up by Tom Brady using a rather vanilla attack.

A person could be forgiven for believing the sky is falling in Western Pennsylvania. And count FS1’s Nick Wrightas a member of that camp. On First Things First, the prognosticator prognosticated a losing season — Mike Tomlin’s first — for the proud franchise.

This is very sad news for black-and-yellow enthusiasts. Even sadder than a typical episode of This Is Us, which we all know is just Steelers propaganda disguised in wholesome family drama.

Mark me down as yet again agreeing with Wright. Just as his bold Green Bay Packers-Aaron Rodgers prediction will come true, this one will look brilliant. I’ll go a step further and say Pittsburgh is in extreme danger of losing 11 games.