Nick Wright Brilliantly Tore Apart Patrick Beverley's Entire Career in Three Minutes


Patrick Beverley is the NBA's main character on Friday after his ridiculous behavior Thursday night. Nick Wright is clearly sick of Beverley's antics and tore into him during an episode of First Things First.

If you missed it, late in Game 6 of the Indiana Pacers-Milwaukee Bucks series Thursday night, Beverley threw a ball at a male Pacers fan who was taunting him. He apparently missed his target and hit a female fan. The veteran guard asked for the ball back, then threw it at the male fan again. The incident came in the last few minutes as Beverley's Bucks were trailing by 20 in a game they would lose 120-98. The loss eliminated the Bucks from the playoffs.

After the game, Beverley refused questions from a media member when he found out she didn't subscribe to his podcast. And it wasn't some kind of joke for publicity, he seemed legitimately angry, and later moved her microphone away from him. It was an embarrassing night, one of many in Beverley's NBA career.

Wright was furious at that behavior and decided to recap the high (read: low) points of PatBev's career. Check it out:

"A delusional, cheap-shot artist misogynistic clown." That's a hell of a line.

They entire takedown is just brutal. And completely accurate. Wright essentially destroyed the man's entire 12-year NBA career in three minutes. It was an impressive feat.