Nick Wright: Packers Will Have Best Record in NFC, Aaron Rodgers Will Win MVP


Aaron Rodgers had a weird year last season. He played in all 16 games and managed only six wins, his lowest total since 2008. A leaky offensive line put him in routine danger but through it all the gunslinger racked up 4,442 yards (the second-highest campaign of his career), 25 touchdowns to only two interceptions, and didn’t appear to be aging.

For whatever reason, the interpersonal drama Rodgers tends to find himself embroiled in seems to have distracted a fair amount of people into forgetting just how great the Green Bay Packers quarterback is on the field. Thankfully, FS1’s Nick Wright was on set this morning delivering takes some really need to hear.

Vegas has the Packers over/under for wins at 9, which feels about right. But it’s not totally unreasonable to think the Bears and Vikings will take a step back and year two of the Matt Patricia experience turns Detroit into a mess. A Green Bay team playing solidly has a tremendous homefield advantage. Twelve or 13 victories wouldn’t cause any one to fall out of their chair.

And if that happens, well, Rodgers will be the MVP because the Pack sure as hell aren’t doing it without him.

Cannot wait to look back at this around the new year to marvel at or laugh at it.