Nick Wright Floats Wild Lakers-Nets Trade During 'First Things First'

Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook
Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook / Allen Berezovsky/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets are two peas in a pod in that they were "superteams" and title favorites heading into the 2021-22 season before both squads collapsed in epic fashion by season's end. The reasons why they collapsed are very different, but the end result was the same, and both go into the offseason facing legitimate questions about if the rosters can compete for a title as currently constructed.

This means everybody is looking for quick-fix solutions that can be executed this offseason to change everything. For the Lakers, any large-scale moves revolve around their ability to offload Russell Westbrook's onerous contract. For the Nets, anything they can or cannot do depends on what happens with Kyrie Irving, who is eligible for a contract extension this offseason.

Nick Wright cooked up a trade on First Things First this morning that he argues will fix all issues with both teams: trade Westbrook and Anthony Davis for Irving and Ben Simmons.

This is, admittedly, some absurd NBA2K stuff. Such a wholesale blowup/superstar swap never happens outside of the virtual world.

But it's ... a compelling argument? Kevin Durant gets to play with AD and the Nets will have some flexibility once Westbrook's contract expires after next season. The Lakers get LeBron/Kyrie and put Simmons in the hands of Klutch to get his act together. After dealing with the Westbrook Experience the Lakers would probably be fine trading it for the Kyrie Experience, and the same goes for the Nets in reverse.

More than anything, the content would be excellent. Worth doing it for that and that alone, if you ask me.