Nick Wright: Ja Morant is the Best Player in Grizzlies-Warriors Series

Ja Morant
Ja Morant / Justin Ford/GettyImages

The second-round playoff matchup between the Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors is filled with all the storylines the audience loves. The up-and-coming young guns vs. the seasoned, championship-winning veterans. The budding superstar and high-flying point guard vs. the greatest shooting point guard of all-time and one of the very best players to ever suit them up. Michigan State vs. Michigan State. Both teams have even gotten chippy. The narratives write themselves.

Last night's Game 2 belonged to Ja Morant and the home team. Morant dropped 47 points, scoring the last 15 points for Memphis to secure the win. He scored in every way possible and the Warriors simply had no answer. It was a transcendent performance and one that, in retrospect, may portend a changing of the guard in the NBA. Nick Wright seems to think so, arguing on this morning's First Things First that Morant is the best player in this series. Better than Stephen Curry or Draymond Green. Better than anybody.

It's crazy to consider, but Wright is onto something. Curry is obviously incredible and it's no knock against him, but Morant is as close to unstoppable as it gets when he's really got it going. Packing the paint does nothing; he'll merely leap and find an angle to lay it in. He's too explosive to double-team consistently. Much like Curry, the Warriors have to accept that Morant is going to get his and simply hope he misses enough jumpers to survive. Last night, he didn't, and the Warriors head back home with the series tied.

As Morant proves with each soaring layup, the sky is literally the limit for his talents. Whether or not the Grizzlies are ready to take the next step in this series, Morant is going to be the best player in every playoff series going forward for a long time.