How Tall Is Nick Wright? Depends Who You Ask.


The official First Things First account tweeted a very nice picture of co-stars Kevin Wildes and Nick Wright hanging out, looking casual and having fun with all of their other friends just off-screen. It should serve as an important reminder that embracing debate does not prevent embracing each other. Even this seemingly innocuous post, though, garnered some controversy with Wright making some serious allegations about camera angles and distortions robbing him of his hard-earned inches.

Just for the record, we here at The Big Lead do not care how tall Wright stands. That is not the true measure of a man. All that matters is the quality of their takes. But the incident — if you can call it that — did lead us down a bit of a wormhole on the good ol' Worldwide Web that is both weird and, it seems, completely useless.

If you wanted to know the answer to this question, you could simply consult dozens of bizarre celebrity biography pages online. They would tell you he is either 5-foot-7 or 5-foot-11 or anywhere in between. Here's a brief sampling.

Celebrities From: 5-foot-11

A Real News: 5-foot-7

One World Information: 5-foot-11

ABTC: 5-foot-11

Walikali: 5-foot-10

Married Biography: 5-foot-11

The Person Age: 5-foot-10

You get the picture. And height is just one of the extremely specious tidbits you can find on these pages. There's weight, relationship status, net worth and salary information. Those also vary wildly between outlets. It is quite clear what's happening here is a copy making a copy of a copy with no first-to-market reporting out there. Simply put: it should be obvious that you cannot trust a single thing you see about anyone on these types of sites.

The best way to truly find out Wright's height is to have his work post a picture of him that sends him to the keyboard to claim a never-before-seen 6-foot-1 mark. One famous person down, several thousand to go. Mapping the height of famous people is a never-ending job, like mapping the ocean floor and mapping space. And of equal importance.