Nick Wright: Dak Prescott Contract Situation Could Turn Into Kirk Cousins or Jared Goff 2.0

Dak Prescott up for a new contract
Dak Prescott up for a new contract / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have yet to sign Dak Prescott to the lengthy and expensive contract extension that just about everyone is expecting. That isn't a big deal; the Cowboys are now in the period of the NFL offseason where they can franchise tag Prescott if they feel negotiations aren't going well, so they aren't in any danger of losing him this year.

Exactly how much money Prescott and his camp are looking for is unknown, but it is definitely a lot. Prescott's new deal is expected to set the market for QBs going forward, which means we can assume a starting point of over $30 million a year. Prescott is coming off a career season and looks like he could have many more ahead of him in a Cowboys uniform. That would not be the case if it were up to Nick Wright, who said Dallas should be wary of paying Prescott that much money, lest the situation morph into Kirk Cousins or Jared Goff 2.0:

Wright's argument rests on the assumption that Prescott is looking for $38 or more million annually. He warns that the Cowboys could find themselves in a situation where they either A) tag Prescott for two years (like Washington did with Cousins) and then he bolts for more fruitful pastures, or B) they give him what he's asking for and find themselves paying a very good quarterback like he's better than Patrick Mahomes. The Rams are looking at a mighty tight cap sheet going forward because of Goff's massive deal that he doesn't quite play up to, and Washington let their supposed franchise quarterback walk for nothing.

Prescott was better than Goff last year, but Wright's overall point makes some sense. If the Cowboys can't find a middle ground with Prescott's camp that doesn't blow up the quarterback contract market, they have no choice but to franchise him. If Prescott ends up leading the team to the playoffs next year, then maybe they'll find it justifiable to give him that big deal. But if the team stays where they are and Prescott turns in a similar year statistically, where do they go from there?

Jerry Jones has some decisions to make.