Nick Wright Claims Voters Collaborated on Finals MVP; Voters Say No Way [UPDATE]


On First Things FirstNick Wright tried explaining to viewers the voting process of the 2015 Finals MVP, which was won by Andre Iguodala. Wright claimed that Iguodala and LeBron James received four votes while Steph Curry received three. He posited that the writers gathered together and said they couldn’t have co-MVPs and switched all their Curry votes to Iguodala, making the total: Iguodala-7, James-4, Curry-0. That would be quite the story. However, a few voters, ones that would know, can’t stop laughing at Wright’s statement:

Tim Frank, VP, League Operations Communications for the NBA also chimed in:

As Spears detailed, it would be incredibly hard for the writers to really pull this off. Wright is on-air nearly five hours a day between radio and television. Mistakes happen, but this is a very big thing to throw out there and quite irresponsible as it clearly appears wrong.

UPDATE: Wright addressed the denials.