Nick Wright Predicted the Chiefs Would Go 20-0, Got a Tattoo About It, Lost to the Lions in Week 1


The headline tells you pretty much everything you need to know here so there's not a tremendous amount of analysis needed. Sports media's most boisterous Kansas City Chiefs fan picked them to go 20-0 — something that's never happened in NFL history —, went through the hassle of finding and booking a tattoo artist and getting inked-up, generally spent most of the offseason witnessing to the few unsaved who think Patrick Mahomes is human, ate up countless afternoon content blocks ... just to lose to the Detroit Lions. At home.

As Chris Jones, who could have really helped, enjoyed the spread in a suite. As Travis Kelce tried to figure out how many things he could do with a towel as a prop on the sideline. Are both of these issues valid excuses? Sure. But you know what doesn't care about circumstances and pesky reasons?

Tattoos. Tattoos are quite unnuanced. One they're on the body they just stay there and don't change much.

We like Wright and the stunts he pulls make him likable because he has a sense of humor about it. But damn, they had him out there in front of a 20-0 banner like George Bush with the Mission Accomplished banner. No matter who you are, that's very funny.

The good news for him is that tattoos can be spun to have new meaning if they're vague enough so in a few months it can be about how there was never a doubt that the Chiefs would rise from a gross Opening Night loss and win another Super Bowl. But for today, can you imagine being his co-workers? They're going to be getting ready with those cartoon bluebirds floating around knowing they don't even need to say anything about it but will get to say plenty about it.