Nick Wright Cannot Keep Getting Away With This


Nick Wright is being recognized more and more as the face of FS1 because he's been brilliant enough to stake out prime real estate on the corners of LeBron James Is Really Good and Patrick Mahomes Is Really Good. Why don't more people do this? Year after year he's rewarded for his confidence in these players, who at worst will go down as second- or third-best to ever play their respective sports and this season's ride with the Kansas City Chiefs was no different.

Even as the world at large expressed some (honestly) warranted doubts about a Kansas City team with unreliable wide receivers as they dropped very winnable games down the stretch, Wright remained steadfast in his belief that they'd gel together and Mahomes would be Mahomes.

The Chiefs could have lost Super Bowl LVIII several different times if the San Francisco 49ers had delivered the deathblow and Kyle Shanahan could find that elusive knockout punch he's been search for ever since the whole 28-3 thing. But that didn't happen and the most predictable thing — a third crown for the best quarterback on the planet — became a reality.

To the victors go the spoils and that's why Wright can drive around this transportation monstrosity outside the First Things First studios today while dressed like Arthur Fleck on his way to do uncomfortable standup.

And we're not even mad about it. Are there times the whole pundit/fanboy routine gets a bit annoying? Sure. That's a testament to Wright's ability to entertain more than anything. I personally rooted against the Chiefs in all four of their playoff games and we saw how that turned out. So you know what? I can't say anything. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. You simply have to tip your cap and let him have his moment because anything else is sour grapes.

Just have to wear this one. I was never a real hater and would never, ever, under any circumstances, bet against Mahomes. But I was looking forward to Wright being sad and all that confidence to be misguided.

Oh well. Maybe next year.

Wright can get a fleet of these mobile billboard and chart his own parade and there's nothing anyone can complain. Dammit. He wins again.