Nick Sirianni Not Too Busy Winning Football Games to Criticize Local Sports Radio Hosts

Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles did unspeakable things to the New York Giants last night to advance to the NFC Championship Game. It's a major accomplishment for Nick Sirianni, who has done nothing but answer the critics, win football games, and be himself. He knows what he's doing. If you don't believe that, just ask him.

Because this is all carefully calculated and he's in control, we will only point out that he took an odd detour during the postgame press conference, where he apparently "had time" for defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon's detractors instead of suggesting it's a clip that could potentially age like milk within a week's time.

"Man, what did they score? Seven. Yeah, big time," Sirianni said after the Eagles’ 38-7 drubbing of their divisional rival. "Jonathan Gannon puts these guys in great positions. Obviously, we have great players. Sometimes I have to hear some things about Jonathan Gannon, and I don't know if it's you guys. Might be more other people. I won't say names – Angelo β€” right? But this guy is an unbelievable coordinator. The fact that he doesn't get respect from our radio station blows my mind. It blows my mind."

Okay, so obviously Sirianni is prepped by Philly's public relations staff on what's going on and any topics that may arise when he interacts with the local unwashed media. And of course he's going to be supportive and protective of his defensive coordinator. But at the same time, it's absolutely wild to see someone care so much about a perceived lack of credit happening on a radio station after the biggest win of their life. Then there's the spiking of the football by getting cute by not mentioning names but mentioning names.

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised that content rules everything around here in 2023. Where dunking on FM drive-time hosts is of equal footing to playing for the Super Bowl.

The thing of it, though, is that Eagles fans have been on a journey with Gannon. Just a few weeks ago the defense gave up 40 points to the Dallas Cowboys, who might be visiting Philadelphia next weekend. If they or San Francisco come in and bully Gannon's unit, does Angelo get to come into the press room and do his own victory lap bit?

None of this matters if the Eagles keep winning. Here's hoping for world peace and everyone getting the proper amount of credit from everyone else.