Nick Saban on Chasing Women, and the Only Woman He'd "Sleep Around" on His Wife


A new book on Nick Saban has already been excerpted by the New York Times, and now a hilarious exchange between the Alabama coach and his players is circulating on social media.

The beauty of this is two-fold. A) It’s hilarious, and the coach is right. B) I can totally see Saban tossing in the F-word to emphasize his point.

One wonders what would have happened if an Alabama player has opined on chasing women in such a manner on twitter. The PC crowd would have had his head; he might have had to apologize within the hour; there’s a chance he could have even been suspended for half a game because companies and schools are ever-fearful of the social media mobs.

It doesn’t matter that he sounds like 97% of college males, or that it’s something Wooderson would say in Dazed and Confused. To social media!

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