Nick Saban Doesn't Need Any Damn Days Off Work Following Hip Replacement


At Alabama, Nick Saban doesn’t rebuild. He reloads. Every year he replaces important pieces on the offense, defense, and special teams. Every year he and the Tide hardly skip a beat. There are no off days for this football addict.

So it’s not a total surprise the 67-year-old is back to work just two days after undergoing hip replacement surgery. But man, that’s commitment to the job. Most of us would try to stretch a many days away from the office as humanly possible.

Maybe fudge the truth a bit to H.R. (don’t read this, H.R.). Little white lies never hurt anyone.

Saban explained why he was back to the grind so soon.

“I did some rehab at home [on Tuesday] and threw away the walker after one day,” Saban told ESPN. “I’ve got a cane, and I’m rolling now.” Saban added that the six hours he was home on Tuesday with nothing to do was “like torture. I don’t know how people do it.”

It’s impossible to overstate how singular our coaches are in their football focus. Not being at the practice facility is tantamount to being in jail. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn they’d prefer jail because at least there you could run some pick-up games.

Still, kudos to Saban on the tough older gentleman stuff. Always impressive.