Nick Foles is Either the Greatest Leader Ever or Immune to Heatstroke


A new contract has a guaranteed $45 million coming to Nick Foles. It appears he’s trying to earn every penny.

The new Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback was spotted by Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Marcus Hayes running 50-yard sprints after a Monday practice session. Foles ran in full pads on a day where the heat index broke the century mark.

The extra preparation might come at a perfect time for Foles, or perhaps it’s a reminder to his old team what they’re missing out on. His new squad clad in teal has welcomed the Eagles to town for a series of joint practices, capped off by a preseason game on Thursday night. Foles spent five seasons in Philadelphia and guided the team to victory in Super Bowl LIII. He earned game MVP honors in the Eagles’ first modern title.

According to Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk, Jaguars defender Calais Campbell played witness to the sprints and simply declared “Leadership”.

Foles stated earlier in camp he’s looking to build a new exciting culture of Jaguars football. Despite reaching the AFC title game two years ago, Jacksonville still has one of the league’s youngest rosters. By running by himself, he certainly provided a blueprint for dedication while somehow avoiding dehydration under the Florida sun.

“We’re building it. The culture’s very young,” the 30-yard-old Foles said, per Smith. “It’s starting. We’re getting there. We’re not there; we want to grow closer every day.”

Despite his extra work, Foles is not expected to play on Thursday. The Jaguars have sustained several injuries on their offensive line and will likely leave quarterbacking duties to backups Gardner Minshew, Tanner Lee, and Alex McGough.