Notorious NFL Reddit User Claims 49ers Could Trade Nick Bosa to AFC Team

Nick Bosa
Nick Bosa / Michael Owens/GettyImages

NFL news is broken by the same small group of reporters 99 percent of the time. But one percent of the time the news comes from somewhere weird and unexpected. One of those instances went a bit under the radar last year when a random Reddit user by the name of u/josh_rosen posted to the NFL subreddit that Christian McCaffrey was on the verge of being traded to the San Francisco 49ers ahead of last year's trade deadline. While the actual text of the post has been deleted the post itself is still up and is dated October 20, 2022. Adam Schefter tweeted the deal was done on October 21.

Of course, this does not mean there is a secret 49ers insider lurking on Reddit. Anybody can throw something at the wall and claim credit if it sticks. But it is interesting that u/josh_rosen has re-emerged and is now claiming the 49ers are threatening to trade superstar edge rusher Nick Bosa to an unnamed AFC team due to a breakdown in contract extension negotiations. The text of that post has also been deleted but u/josh_rosen is still in the comments defending him/herself. A screenshot of what was up is below.

This report made the rounds last night. It's legitimacy was immediately called into question, and not just because the source was dubious. Bosa is the Niners' best defender by a significant margin and one of the NFL's top pass-rushers. Given their Super Bowl-contending status and the fact that they just traded away another top-three pick, it's hard to believe they would actually trade away Bosa over money. In addition, San Francisco isn't exactly up against the wall here in terms of the contract negotiation. Bosa may have a lot of leverage but he still has one year left on his deal and the 49ers can always use the franchise tag. Nobody really wants it to get to that point, of course, but any team will go to great measures to keep a player like Bosa around, much less a team with championship expectations.

All that said... it's the same guy who had the McCaffrey news before Schefter. Something to be nervous about for 49ers fans everywhere.