NFL Week 8 Predictions and Picks Against the Spread

Houston Texans v Arizona Cardinals
Houston Texans v Arizona Cardinals / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

Week 7 of the NFL season marked our most successful week of picks to date, and anybody who followed our advice should feel free to dish out a percentage of their winnings. The Big Lead went a crisp 12-1 with the Saints' win over the Seahawks last night to bring the season record to 50-38. Turns out we know what we're talking about-- sometimes. But we do not linger on past victories. We only look forward.

Here are our Week 8 picks ATS (all odds via WynnBet).

NFL Week 8 Predictions


America is starting to lean more into J.J. Watt's thinking that the Arizona Cardinals aren't reliant on smoke and mirrors and turnover luck in order to win and that the answer is simple: this team is simply flat-out better than its each and every opponent. Green Bay has shown itself to be in a similar position over the past month and a half. This will be billed as a national showcase for Kyler Murray to measure himself against Aaron Rodgers and generational greatness. Considering these two franchise's playoff history in the desert, we're all in for a treat and a nail-bitter. Packers 34, Cardinals 31


A once-promising year in Carolina is now in freefall after four consecutive losses and Sam Darnold reverting back to his old form. If it doesn't stop against the .500 Falcons this weekend, the damage may have a hard time being undone. It's been muted but the Falcons have capitalized against inferior talent even if a low ceiling still exists. Falcons 19, Panthers 13

BILLS (-13.5) over DOLPHINS

Josh Allen and cohorts are coming off a long week of stewing in the stink of a Titans loss and will be chomping at the bit to rinse that taste out of the palate. Miami will provide the perfect opportunity for destruction and cleansing, even in moderately seasonal conditions. Bills 38, Dolphins 9

BEARS (+3.5) over NINERS

Kyle Shanahan is not having a great time right now and the bloom may be off the rose if mediocrity continues. Matt Nagy's COVID diagnosis could keep him away from the proceedings and therefore give Justin Fields a more dynamic recipe to cook. The line being this small is a pretty strong indictment of what was thought to be a dynamite Niners team. Bears 22, Niners 20


Baker Mayfield didn't practice on Monday and his availability remains a question mark. Since this is, for better or worth, an early-week column, we're basing this on the starter getting back to his rightful position. But Case Keenum certainly isn't the worst option for a fill-in and honestly may be the best quarterback on the field come Sunday. Browns 24, Steelers 20

LIONS (+3) over EAGLES

Dan Campbell reached into a bottomless bag of tricks against the Rams but the desperate measures could not make up for a massive talent disparity. While the Lions remains the NFL's only winless team, they are certainly not its worst. Campbell gets his team to play hard and it's only a time until they play a full 60 minutes. In fact, that time is now. Restore the roar. Lions 29, Eagles 24

NFL Predictions Week 8

TITANS (-1.0) over COLTS

This feels an awfully slim line considering the gap in quality of victory between this two teams last week. The Titans destroyed the defending AFC champs in one half. The Colts beat a shaky Niners team on a slip-and-slide field. Tennessee will continue their midseason stretch of dominance and wear down their division rivals in Indianapolis. Titans 30, Colts 17

BENGALS (-9.5) over JETS

This has all the makings of a trap game for Cincy. A week after an emotional win over a division rival that proved to the greater football-viewing audience they are For Real, against a team with no hope starting their second-string QB at home. But New York lost by 41 last week. As long as Joe Burrow chucks it up to Ja'Marr Chase once or twice, the Bengals will coast. Bengals 27, Jets 10

RAMS (-13.5) over TEXANS

Legitimately starting to wonder if Houston will win another game this year. Two straight weeks without a touchdown for the Texans. Two straight weeks of giving up 30-plus points in the process. Until Tyrod Taylor gets back, this team exists to serve as fodder for good teams covering the spread. Rams 34, Texans 8


Last week's demolition of the Jets was surely a confidence booster for everyone on this Patriots roster, but thanks to injuries in the secondary (and the Stephon Gilmore trade, looking worse and worse by the week), New England only has one above-average player in the defensive backfield. This is bad news when playing against Justin Herbert. The Patriots will be able to keep it close most of the day due to Los Angeles' woeful rushing defense but Herbert is going to have a huge day, especially after getting a week to stew over getting smacked by the Ravens. Chargers 38, Patriots 27


This is a game people will actually watch, and for that we extend our sincerest apologies. Seattle is finally favored at home after two weeks of covering as home dawgs. That does not mean this team is good with Geno Smith back there. The Seahawks will squeak out a win, but Trevor Lawrence is going to keep it close. The one thing we know without question is that it will be ugly from start to finish. Seahawks 21, Jaguars 20


This is the coin flip of the week. Washington's defense has woken up a bit but remain undermanned in the secondary and Taylor Heinicke proves week after week he cannot win football games without significant help from the other side of the ball. Denver is coming off a brutal loss to a severely injured Browns squad. But the Broncos had a long week of rest and will put it to good use back home. Broncos 24, Washington 17


Tom Brady and the Bucs rolled over the Bears last week, but their next opponent is far more well-equipped to take advantage of Tampa's shorthanded secondary. Sean Payton and Jameis Winston will be picking on the second and third-string guys the Bucs have to start all day. Brady will still get it done in a divisional game, but it will not be a cakewalk. Bucs 30, Saints 27


Dak Prescott is on a tear and it will continue against an unimpressive Vikings defense. Minnesota has made big mistakes in the final two minutes of their last two games but have gotten away with it because they were against bad teams. That doesn't happen against a contender like this year's Cowboys. It'll be close for a while, but eventually Prescott will pull his team away. Cowboys 34, Vikings 21

GIANTS (+10.0) over CHIEFS

We don't really know what to do with this one. The Chiefs look broken beyond repair, but the Giants are even worse. Yet Big Blue ground out a win last week despite missing nearly all of their key offensive contributors. And the KC defense is as bad as everyone says it is. In what should be a get-right game for Patrick Mahomes on national TV at Arrowhead Stadium, the Giants keep it competitive--much to the relief of ESPN's MNF team. Chiefs 29, Giants 20