NFL Week 8 Predictions and Picks Against the Spread

Josh Allen
Josh Allen / Jason Hanna/GettyImages

It's always darkest before the dawn. And let's be clear, it felt pretty dark misfiring on 50 of our first 90 picks this year. But finally, against long odds, we were able to put together a truly competent Week 7 smorgasbord — one that went 9-5 and moved the overall mark to 49-55. See, now that's manageable. Could we possibly do it again? With some tiny spreads and alluring road teams this weekend, it won't be easy. Yet we are contractually obligated to try.


The Bucs are broken and until they show signs of life it's awfully hard to rely on them, even with Tom Brady at home in a primetime game. The Ravens aren't much better as they manage to find new ways to shoot themselves in the foot come the fourth quarter of each week, which is usually a death knell against a Brady-led team. But it's a weird year for Tampa Bay and the issues they face can't be solved on a short week. Ravens 29, Bucs 21


Detroit's defense actually put forth a decent effort against Dak Prescott but it was the offense's turn to throw up over itself as Jared Goff recorded four turnovers and the unit as a whole managed zero touchdowns on the day. This does not bode well for a bout against a Miami defense that looked awfully opportunistic against Kenny Pickett. The Lions have nobody who can keep up with Tyreek Hill or Jaylen Waddle. It's a bad matchup, even at home. Dolphins 31, Lions 20

PATRIOTS (-1.5) over JETS

Yes, the Jets are having their first good season in a long time and the defense is legit. Hands up, we were wrong about Robert Saleh and the heart of this Jets team. They keep winning football games and have taken back Sundays from the Yankees along with their Giants neighbors. New England is a decent team with legitimate concerns across the roster. Are you still going to bet against Bill Belichick after he gave Zach Wilson nightmares in two games last year? Bill Belichick owns the AFC East even if he is cooking with storebrand ingredients. That alone should be the difference. Patriots 20, Jets 17


The Broncos are awful, yes, but this game is in London. Odd things tend to happen during these games. And the Jaguars have not shown they know how to dominate a worse team yet. If the line was smaller maybe it would be a different story but this one feels fated to come down to a last-second field goal, regardless of who's kicking. Jaguars 23, Broncos 20


It feels like the inspired victory over the Bucs is the last we'll see from the Panthers for a while. The Falcons are not good but they are at least competent and Carolina's good secondary won't make much of an impact if Arthur Smith keeps refusing to throw the ball. Surely you have better things to do with your afternoon than watch this game. Falcons 24, Panthers 10

COWBOYS (-10) over BEARS

Dak Prescott's first game back wasn't a raging success but a win is a win and there were glimpses of the Pro Bowl QB we've come to know. Chicago remains a bad team without much firepower and it'll only take a few big plays to blow this one wide-open. Throw in a few turnovers from Trevon Diggs and Co. and this one is over early. Cowboys 33, Bears 18


It is impossible to get a read on the Cardinals. Is their offense good? Who knows! The defense? Anybody's guess. At least with the Vikings we know that they can score the ball. The line feels like an overreaction to Arizona's 42-point outing on TNF last week and we're ready to take advantage. Vikings 37, Cardinals 30


Football does not work like this and it shouldn't work like this but in a slightly different reality the Raiders are undefeated and laying several more points in this situation. So let's play some make-believe and imagine we exist on that plane. We know the Saints' defense, which was supposed to be impressive, is decidedly not and the offense is dependent on a mismatched quilt involving Andy Dalton and whatever Taysom Hill can pull out of the ether. Not a sustainable or trustworthy process. Raiders 28, Saints 20


Kenny Pickett is a gamer even if he's miles away from where he needs to be or eventually will be. The Steelers keep covering when they are large underdogs and this line seems like it's skewed because one team is coming off a bye and the other hand to play a Sunday night game in the heat. We'll forecast some rust on the still unbeaten Eagles early, which will eventually be shaken off in time for a comfortable, yet not convincing victory. Eagles 30, Steelers 20


Uh oh. Noticing that we're trusting a lot of road teams here. When has that ever gone wrong? Titans, 26, Texans 9


Boy, Andrew Luck really dealt this franchise a blow when he retired, huh? The Matt Ryan Experience was painful to watch and may be over forever if Sam Ehlinger is halfway decent, which he could be right out of the gate. Taylor Heinicke has a certain je ne sais quoi about him, though is uneven at times. The NFL is so weird, man. People really should not be betting because who could possibly know what's going to happen in this one? Colts 23, Commanders 17

RAMS (+1.5) over NINERS

Los Angeles and the aging Matthew Stafford really needed that bye. And they needed their rivals to get their brains bashed in by Kansas City. The wrong team is favored here. Mark our words, this will mark the beginning of the Rams' resurgence and be the last we ever see of Jimmy G. Rams 30, Niners 21


Are the Giants good? This is the week we finally figure out. And we find out via Kenneth Walker getting loose for multiple touchdowns and Geno Smith emerging as a somewhat serious MVP candidate. Seahawks 26, Giants 13

BILLS (-10.5) over PACKERS

It's over for Aaron Rodgers. Sure, he will still have some level of success. And could back into the division crown. Or win a game like this every now and again. As a Vibes Guy, though, he more than anyone knows what I'm saying. It was such a good run. Bills 39, Packers 20


It cannot be this easy. Like, who wouldn't pick Bengals minus three? We know a trap when we see it. Browns 22, Bengals 20