Week 18 Starting Quarterbacks Are the Future the NFL Wants

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

NFL teams will play their 17th games of the regular season this weekend for just the second time ever. Fans are in store for a real treat as Week 18 approaches and is certain to be an unforgettable experience for the senses. Why just look at the starting quarterbacks you can watch this weekend!

Starting on Saturday you get to watch Jarrett Stidham line up under center for the Las Vegas Raiders and then see Joshua Dobbs in primetime starting for the Tennessee Titans in the defacto AFC South title game.

The fun continues on Sunday as Skylar Thompson starts for the Miami Dolphins. It currently looks like Tyler Huntley will again start in place of Lamar Jackson for the Ravens. The Arizona Cardinals will start either David Blough or Trace McSorley, but Kliff Kingsbury just can't choose a favorite. And that's not all.

Justin Fields, one of the most electrifying players in the league, is out. So we get to see Nathan Peterman who is still in the NFL despite the fact that he threw five interceptions in a single half of football five years ago. A feat so incredible that the NFL actually memorialized it with its own YouTube video, which is blocked from displaying on this website or application. Just don't call them the No Fun League becuase Sam Howell is going to start for the Washington Commanders against the Dallas Cowboys this weekend. What's not fun about that?

And let's not forget Sam Ehlinger who will start in place of the injured Nick Foles. Ehlinger was not coach Jeff Saturday's first or second choice to play quarterback, but he's 1-6 so what does he know anyway?

Tom Brady will start for the Bucs, but with nothing on the line and no reason to yell, he will probably give way to Blaine Gabbert at some point. This is not to mention the menagerie of quarterback carousels that have existed all season in places like Carolina, New York (Jets edition), New Orleans, and Atlanta. Or the fact that Baker Mayfield is the Rams starter these days.

And on top of all that the Detroit Lions have been flexed into the final primetime game of the season. Week 18 is truly a cursed thing that no one truly wanted, but now we're stuck with it. It will only be topped by the eventuality of a Week 19. And if you don't think Joe Flacco will be involved when that happens, you're crazy.