NFL Week 17 Predictions and Picks Against the Spread

Josh Allen
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A 6-5 week amid pure chaos in terms of the COVID list is worth celebrating. So too is an overall mark of 111-99. With only two more weekends remaining, it's beginning to look like a productive campaign. Closing out with a bang would make it all the more impressive and potentially result in a few extra zeroes in our paychecks.

Here are our Week 17 predictions and picks against the spread (all odds via WynnBet).

NFL Week 17 Predictions

FALCONS (+14) over BILLS

The Bills have really hit their stride recently but the complete body of work in 2021 suggests they tend to play down to their competition. Two full touchdowns is a big line, even in Buffalo. With the playoffs on the immediate horizon, this feels like a game the Bills put away early and the Falcons dink and dunk their way to a cover in the final frame. Bills 34, Falcons 23

GIANTS (+6.0) over BEARS

Both of these teams stink and may very well be starting their third-string quarterbacks. Thus, a six-point line for the Bears just seems too high to bet on. Sure, they squeaked by the Seahawks in Seattle this week, an impressive feat, but banking on any sort of consistency from Matt Nagy has doomed us before. It won't happen again. Bears 20, Giants 17

CHIEFS (-4.5) over BENGALS

This is probably the best game of the weekend. Cincinnati's offense is rolling, but so is Kansas City's. The question probably comes down to COVID protocol and the availability of guys like Travis Kelce. For our money, we think the Chiefs are going to remind everyone why they're the reigning AFC champs and remind the Bengals they've still got a ways to go before they're ready to play with the big boys. Chiefs 34, Bengals 24


Never has an NFL team been so bad for so long and then so good for so long. Miami's resurgence has been facilitated by an extremely weak schedule. Tua has shown real strides and the defense has played its way into the terror zone. There's a chance all of this is fools' gold and there's a rude awakening on the horizon, but the hook convinces us to take a risk and potentially sprinkle a little on the moneyline in a game that will have extremely Wild Card Weekend energy. Dolphins 22, Titans 17

RAIDERS (+7.0) over COLTS

The Colts are undoubtedly a better team than the Raiders, but Indy has been hit with a COVID outbreak this week. They'll still win, but Las Vegas has shown that they can take advantage of a team's weaknesses when they're not at full strength. Covering a touchdown line against a shorthanded Colts team is well within their abilities. Colts 21, Raiders 17


The least appealing game of the slate. Bill Belichick always puts rookie QBs in the torture chamber and Trevor Lawrence's horrific supporting cast will only make it that much easier. New England is probably pretty mad after blowing a huge divisional game at home. They will not take it easy on Jacksonville. Start the Patriots' defense in fantasy this week. Patriots 30, Jaguars 9

BUCCANEERS (-13.0) over JETS

The Bucs took care of business against one bad team last week and will do it again this week. Tampa won't be taking their foot off the gas pedal yet, either, since they still have a shot at the top seed in the NFC if the Packers drop their final two games of the season (unlikely but not impossible!). Tom Brady will make quick work of his former division foes. Bucs 31, Jets 13

EAGLES (-3.5) over WFT

Philly has regained their footing in recent weeks and dominated the Giants with ease this past week. The Football Team, meanwhile, barely lived up to their name after suffering absolute annihilation on national television at the hands of their biggest rivals. Something tells us that sting is going to take a while to go away. Eagles 31, WFT 20

NFL Predictions Week 17

RAMS (-3.5) over RAVENS

The Matthew Stafford handwringing has abated and Odell Beckham Jr. has turned back the clock. Dismantling Minnesota to secure a playoff spot was entirely impressive and showed what the ceiling can be for Sean McVay's side. Baltimore is on a three-game skid, Lamar Jackson may not be capable of salvaging things and the wheels are coming off one lugnut at a time. A porous defense portends ugliness. Rams 33, Ravens 22


Justin Herbert has proved nothing if not impossible to assess, week to week. The Chargers have caused us more strife and aggravation than any other team and ruined our overall record. Throwing a dart on this one and riding the more explosive offense. Chargers 25, Broncos 13

TEXANS (+13) over NINERS

Houston obliterated the Chargers on the road last Sunday and every so often prove they are perfectly capable of shocking the world. While there may not be a second consecutive upset, there are too many free points to willingly eschew. Niners 27, Texans 17


Dallas could have a hangover after serving the WFT a 50-burger. Arizona desperately needs to prove it still has some fight. Expecting this one to live up to its potential. Also, remember when the Cardinals were in the NFC East? God, that was weird. Cowboys 34, Cardinals 30


Just take the under and don't watch this one. Your time on this Earth is short and so is ours. Saints 13, Panthers 7


Hmm. A bad NFC North team just went into Seattle and beat the fractured Seahawks. The Lions, for all their faults, are 10-5 against the number and week after week are undervalued. Dan Campbell's team is physical and tough and determined on the line of scrimmage even though none of this matters. If Tim Boyle or Jared Goff make two throws, this is a four-quarter game. Seahawks 20, Lions 17


Green Bay is a tough team to assess. On one hand they are Super Bowl favorites in the right light. On the other, they have a bad habit of playing down to competition. Minnesota is a perplexing and exasperating side in their own right. They've proven the ability to compete in every game but one this year and that's enough to back in a primetimer. Packers 30, Vikings 25


Ben Roethlisberger has one more magical night in that right arm. Baker Mayfield is on tilt. One fanbase is going to be devastated come Tuesday morning while the other delights in those tears. Looking forward to this battle of attrition. Steelers 23, Browns 16