NFL Week 1 Picks and Predictions


The NFL is back and so too are NFL picks and predictions. We’ve got six staff members making picks from the 10 best/most interesting games every week based on the spreads we’ll get from Westgate Superbook and we will tally the results on a running basis so you’re only following the best advice (or riding the hot hand).

Some have made full predictions while others are only making picks based on the spread. Regardless, we’re all trying to win the season-long contest and crown ourselves the best at NFL expert predictions. Here are NFL Picks and Predictions for Week 1.

Thursday, Sept. 8:

Green Bay @ Chicago (-3), 8:20 PM

Brian Giuffra. Packers 31, Bears 24

Ryan Glasspiegel: Packers

Bobby Burack: Bears

Ryan Phillips: Bears

Liam McKeone: Packers 24, Bears 20

Stephen Douglas: Bears push

Sunday, Sept. 8:

Tennessee @ Cleveland (-5.5), 1:00 PM

Brian Giuffra: Browns 30, Titans 21

Ryan Glasspiegel: Browns

Bobby Burack: Titans

Ryan Phillips: Browns

Liam McKeone: Browns 27, Titans 17

Stephen Douglas: Browns win, Titans cover

Atlanta @ Minnesota (-4), 1:00 PM

Brian Giuffra: Falcons 27, Vikings 24

Ryan Glasspiegel: Falcons

Bobby Burack: Vikings

Ryan Phillips: Falcons

Liam McKeone: Falcons 35, Vikings 24

Stephen Douglas: Falcons win

L.A. Rams (-3) @ Carolina, 1:00 PM

Brian Giuffra: Rams 31, Panthers 20

Ryan Glasspiegel: Panthers

Bobby Burack: Rams

Ryan Phillips: Rams

Liam McKeone: Rams 33, Panthers 20

Stephen Douglas: Rams cover

Kansas City (-4) @ Jacksonville, 1:00 PM

Brian Giuffra: Chiefs 35, Jags 28

Ryan Glasspiegel: Chiefs

Bobby Burack: Jaguars

Ryan Phillips: Chiefs

Liam McKeone: Chiefs 38, Jags 17

Stephen Douglas: Chief cover by a lot

Indianapolis @ L.A. Chargers (-6.5), 4:05 PM

Brian Giuffra: Chargers 27, Colts 16

Ryan Glasspiegel: Colts

Bobby Burack: Chargers

Ryan Phillips: Chargers

Liam McKeone: Chargers 30, Colts 10

Stephen Douglas: Chargers win, Colts cover

N.Y. Giants @ Dallas (-7), 4:25 PM

Brian Giuffra: Cowboys 20, Giants 17

Ryan Glasspiegel: Giants

Bobby Burack: Giants

Ryan Phillips: Cowboys

Liam McKeone: Cowboys 23, Giants 17

Stephen Douglas: Cowboys cover

Pittsburgh @ New England (-6), 8:20 PM

Brian Giuffra: Patriots 20, Steelers 17

Ryan Glasspiegel: Steelers

Bobby Burack: Patriots

Ryan Phillips: Steelers

Liam McKeone: Patriots 24, Steelers 21

Stephen Douglas: Patriots cover

Monday, Sept. 8:

Houston @ New Orleans (-7), 7:10 PM

Brian Giuffra: Saints 31, Texans 21

Ryan Glasspiegel: Texans

Bobby Burack: Saints

Ryan Phillips: Saints

Liam McKeone: Saints 28, Texans 27

Stephen Douglas: Saints cover

Denver @ Oakland (PK), 10:20 PM

Brian Giuffra: Broncos 24, Raiders 13

Ryan Glasspiegel: Raiders

Bobby Burack: Broncos

Ryan Phillips: Broncos

Liam McKeone: Broncos 20, Raiders 13

Stephen Douglas: Broncos