NFL Tweets Video of Every Completion of Taysom Hill's Career, Doesn't Even Include All Seven of Them

Taysom Hill airs it out.
Taysom Hill airs it out. / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Taysom Hill will test the open market this offseason as a restricted free agent. The 29-year old New Orleans Saints quarterback is an intriguing possibility for some teams, including the Saints, who have to consider life after 41-year old Drew Brees. Perhaps in an effort to drum up some interest in Hill, the NFL put together a highlight reel purporting to show all of Hill's career completions.

There are a few reasons this video is hilarious. First, it's a three-minute and twenty-three-second video to show six total throws. That's nearly 34 seconds per throw. None of them touchdowns. Only a couple would be considered highlights worthy of viewing a replay. If the NFL made a comparable video for Brees' 6,867 regular season completions, it would be nearly 63 hours-long.

Then there's the fact that they made a passing highlight reel for a guy who has more career rushes, receptions, tackles, and kick returns than completions.

But the absolute highlight of this highlight is that this video doesn't actually show all of Taysom Hill's career completions. He has completed six passes in the regular season and that 50-yarder in the Wild Card round against the Vikings last month. That's seven. This video only shows six.

They had one job. Put together a video showing all of Taysom Hill's completions for a tweet touting every career Taysom Hill completion. And they somehow missed an 18-yard completion against the Buccaneers from this season. Maybe they deemed it less impressive because Alvin Kamara had 13 passing yards that game.

So technically, this video show's six-sevenths of Hills career regular season and playoff completions. A comparable video for Brees would only be about 57 hours-long. Somebody get on that.