3 NFL Teams That Should Be Buyers At the Deadline

By Geoff Magliocchetti
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

As AC/DC once said...money talks

Literal money won't be exchanged during this period-- they save that for free agency-- but several teams would greatly benefit from being all-in on buying for the upcoming NFL trade deadline.

Buffalo Bills
In the topsy turvy AFC, the Bills have situated themselves quite nicely. Had they been placed in any AFC division other than the East, the Bills would have the lead at 5-1. Their closest competition for the wild card, Oakland, is two games back at 3-3. Despite this solid turn of events for a franchise in desperate need of consistency, the reality of their East settings remains. The Bills are trapped in an eternal two-step with the mighty Patriots, who show zero signs of slowing down at 7-0. Their greatest competition, however, came from the Bills during a meeting last month. If the Bills can add one more weapon on either side of the ball, New England may truly feel threatened within the division for the first time in probably a decade.

Philadelphia Eagles
Last season, Philadelphia appeared to be cruising to another NFC East title, creating some rare consistency at the top of the group. But plans for a Philadelphia dynasty went by the wayside when the Dallas Cowboys threw a wrench into everything with a blockbuster deal of their own. Sending a first-round selection to Oakland for Amari Cooper seemed foolhardy at the time, but the receiver has been the spark plug the Cowboys needed to keep their offense flowing. The Eagles in particular have been burnt by Cooper performances in Dallas, including Sunday night's 37-10 disaster in Arlington. Desperate for answers in the secondary after injuries and generally toasted coverage and desperate to keep pace with the roller-coaster Cowboys, a similar move could well be the Eagles' salvation.

Oakland Raiders
The Raiders are in one of the most awkward positions of any team in the league. They're attempting to give Oakland a proper send-off all while ensuring Las Vegas has another exciting show waiting for them upon their arrival in 2020. Despite a humbling loss to Green Bay on Sunday, the Raiders are still in good shape with a .500 record few assumed they would have at this point. A rival's misfortune has creaked the door open a little wider for them; with Patrick Mahomes out, the Raiders have a chance to reinsert themselves into the AFC West crown discussion, even if the superstar quarterback won't be out as long as originally anticipated. One more piece, either a weapon for Derek Carr or a stopper on defense to contain the AFC West's potent offenses, could be all they need to give Oakland a relatively happy ending.