Absolutely Nothing Sad About NFL-Themed Slot Machines

BSR Agency/GettyImages

The NFL is exploring a new way to make money and it involves people repeatedly feeding money into slot machines while they wait for the next live games on which to also gamble. Here's the PR announcement explaining the who, what, and why, written with that specific type of corporate flourish that succeeds in making a person wonder what the heck they just read.

The National Football League (NFL) and Aristocrat Gaming™ have announced an exclusive multi-year slot machine licensing agreement. Under the terms of this agreement, Aristocrat will have an exclusive global license to build land-based NFL-themed slot machines as well as a non-exclusive license for virtual sports games, marking the first deal of its kind for the NFL. The partnership will provide the NFL an opportunity to further drive fan engagement through a new gaming experience.

When offered an opportunity to further drive fan engagement, it would almost be irresponsible to say no.

"The world of casino gaming is transforming, and the NFL is thrilled to be teaming up with industry leader, Aristocrat Gaming, with their proven track record in slot machine innovation and commitment to responsible gaming," said Rachel Hoagland, Vice President, Gaming and Partnership Management, NFL. "Today's slot machines offer engaging experiences akin to popular video game consoles that our fans adore, and we believe with Aristocrat's vision, we can bring that exciting gaming experience to fans on the casino floor looking to show their love of football."

Fellas and ladies, is there anything better than an exciting gaming experience on the casino floor that helps you lose your savings account and sends the strong message to others that you love your football? Places all over the country are about to go up for grabs when someone walks by and sees a grimacing patron shoveling $20 bill after $20 bill into a machine that has some NFL branding on it. Did you see that guy? Knows a bit about the New York Jets' quarterback situation and is playing slots at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday? Hell yeah.

This is the future. Anyone who tells you that sports leagues should come up with a second idea after leveraging a new mass addiction is a Luddite stuck in the past. It's definitely good that gambling revenue is moving closer to the frame for so many entities, including those presumably tasked with responsible oversight. Smooth sailing from here on out as we're all getting rich.