Bright Side of Terrible Slate of Thanksgiving NFL Games: More Time to Talk Politics

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Tomorrow night's marquee Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers game has been postponed until Sunday afternoon as seven different Ravens have tested positive and it's simply not feasible to play, no matter how pissed off the undefeated team is about it all. That leaves us feeling like it's 1999 or 1969 all over again with only the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys to distract from dry turkey and conversations we immediately wish hadn't started.

Throw in the two opponents (Houston and Washington) and baby, you've got a combined 13-27 record stew going. This is, as we say in the business, not good. But dammit, people are going to watch in the millions upon millions anyway and the sun will rise Friday morning to illuminate sidewalks eerily bereft of Black Friday shoppers.

At difficult times like these, it's important to keep one's heads. Yes, there is truly no greater injustice in life than only being able to watch eight or so consecutive hours of football instead of 12. Especially after sacrificing so much already. I promise you, though, that there is a silver lining.

No primetime football means more time to turn off the television, get deeper into the wine, and really dive into the most contentious of political issues. You know, as one does without the warm glow of an AFC North matchup to bridge all gaps.

This will be especially useful in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, where divergent political opinions ensure always-tense proceedings. Just think of how many productive conversations can be had on any number of Donald Trump-adjacent issues in lieu of not watching Big Ben slip out of a sure sack to throw a bomb or Lamar Jackson scramble for a key third-down conversion.

Hell, this could really be a turning point. A moment in time crystalized where we look back and identify it as the turning point. Am I saying no Ravens-Steelers on Thanksgiving could bring this great country back together again?

I'm not not saying it.