NFL Teams Cannot Be Serious With These Videos of General Managers Getting Out of Their Cars and Going to Work


Things have been quite bleak on the football front over the past few years for the Chicago Bears and New York Giants. But through the magic of shuffling up the front office, fans can feel like there's a plan in place and potentially brighter days ahead. Ryan Poles is headed to the shores of Lake Michigan, bringing with him a full-on blitz of positive media spin. Joe Schoen is off to the Big Apple, already adapting to a city that never sleeps.

Both teams decided to release hype videos of these men getting out of their vehicles upon arriving at work this morning. With the same caption: let's get to work.

Let's pause for a minute to appreciate how incredible it is that two different franchises had the same great idea independently at the same time. It's like when Armageddon and Deep Impact dropped within months of each other. Or when the Fyre Festival documentaries went head-to-head.

And then let's ask: are these intentionally ironic? Because who is video of a general manager disembarking out of a vehicle at an ungodly hour for? Sure, there is a market for blue-collar work porn. Sports are incredibly persistent at trying to capitalize on it. But this is trying so hard that it feels like it's either in on some joke or wanting to be in on some joke or everyone has lost track of what's ironic and what's earnest.

Genuinely excited to see what's next in this space. How about a mid-level analyst using a remote starter? A special teams coach getting up and walking to the bathroom? The possibilities are endless.